Rotation Links: Rodriguez, Rangers, Bard, Moore

Astros, Red Sox Good Fit To Wave The Magic Wand(y)

“The Astros are unlikely to be ready for serious competition by the time Rodriguez’s contract is up, and if they are able to net a couple of prospects in need of some more seasoning without eating too much of his contract, that’s a big win for them. Similarly, if the Red Sox can acquire a starter without having to give up pieces they may need for 2012 or 2013 — as would likely be the case in any Danks, Floyd or Gonzalez acquisition — that would make life a lot easier on them.”

Rangers not fishing for Fielder, Darvish

“The team’s payroll flexibility, sources say, is not as significant as many in the industry previously believed. Thus, the Rangers are exploring more cost-effective moves for pitchers such as Cubs right-hander Matt Garza, Athletics lefty Gio Gonzalez and Rays righty Wade Davis.”

Stretching Out Daniel Bard

“I was not a big fan of this move initially, but Bard could be a solid answer to the rotation issues and is a much better choice than Aceves for the number 4 spot. If he does struggle thought the Red Sox must think long and hard about the consequences of returning him to the pen.”

There has to be Moore to this deal

“That’s why a December announcement is so bizarre.  The Rays absolutely undermined the market for their assets by increasing supply.  (and, based on this morning’s paper, it was the Rays, not Moore, that opened the conversation)  That is so non-Extra-2% it’s crazy.  They have to have thought of this problem.  So why do it when they could have accomplished the exact same long-term end with Moore in March?”

Andy Sonnanstine and Situational BABIP

“Well, when looking at Sonnanstine’s player card, I noticed that his career LOB% was an incredibly low 65.5%, the kind of number that is almost always driven by a relatively terrible performance with men on base. Some pitchers just do not perform well pitching from the stretch, so the gap between their bases empty performance and their men-on-base performance can be stark. Indeed, when looking at Sonnanstine’s splits, this is exactly what we find.”

Tigers, Red Sox among teams in on Gio Gonzalez

“The 26-year-old A’s left-hander remains the hottest name on the trade market, with the Tigers, Red Sox, Blue Jays and Rangers among the teams chasing him. Gonzalez will be arbitration-eligible in 2012, but a team acquiring him would have him under control for four years before free agency, which adds to his value.”

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